Young Women's Hub

Welcome to The Young Women's Hub.


The Hub is a specialist, trauma-informed independent school which provides alternative and vocational learning opportunities for young women in our local communities. We are committed to empowering young women to transform their educational journeys with comprehensive support, nurturing, and guidance. Our school takes pride in creating a safe and nurturing environment, tailored to assist young women in flourishing and achieving their full potential.

At the Young Women's Hub, we are committed to a more holistic approach to formal education. This includes offering a creative curriculum which is tailored to individual students needs. Our priority is to foster a tranquil, secure, and welcoming environment where students can pursue their interests, enhance their educational abilities, and flourish as individuals.

 The Young Women's Hub is dedicated to empowering young women to succeed. The school boasts an experienced and lived experienced staff team, which includes a SENCO, Pastoral Support Officer/trained Social Worker, and trained Trauma-Informed Mentors, to ensure that the needs of all students and their families are addressed.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information.


Ms Philippa Wall

Head of School