Young Women's Hub


Welcome to the Young Women’s Hub website. I hope that the information provided gives you an understanding of our school and the principles and vision that support our work.

Our school supports young women who may have not accessed education for a while, who are struggling in mainstream school due to varying learning and or social needs or just find the formal education system difficult to navigate!

Though our team of specialist teachers and pastoral staff we aim to change that mindset, by being firm by fair, by being understanding and providing a creative, interactive curriculum that suits everybody’s learning needs.

I am so proud of all my students and staff for their continued commitment and hard work.  The Young Women’s Hub is a school which changes lives, and I am honoured to be the Head of such a wonderful school.

In a unique, nurturing, caring, safe and supportive environment, we provide the opportunity for our  students to get back on track, to access education, make progress and change the direction of their lives.

We pride ourselves on the support we give families and carers whilst their young people are with us and support them throughout the school journey.

Overall effectiveness
Effectiveness of leadership and management
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
Personal development, behaviour and welfare
Outcomes for pupils



Following our Ofsted judgement of “Good” Ofsted in June 2022, we have been working hard to improving all areas. We now have in place a cohesive senior leadership team and loyal experienced staff. Together we all promote a shared sense of purpose across the school.   At Young Women’s Hub we know our strengths and areas for development well and the teaching is clearly focused on identifying gaps and raising achievement to show progress over time.

Where possible our aim is to return students to mainstream education and or secure a post 16 destination.  We will work to ensure the education students receive whilst at Young Women’s Hub is tailored to meet their individual needs and designed to give them the skills to improve their life chances. All students have every opportunity to gain accreditation/qualifications for their future.

We are ready to work as a team working with parent, carers, and outside agencies to transform education and demonstrate to our students that they can be as successful as they want to be.