Young Women's Hub

About Us

The school’s vision is that all young women is to have access to an inclusive education which will equip the young women with the skills, confidence and self belief to thrive and achieve regardless of their circumstances and background. 

Mission Statement

The school's mission is to empower young women, fostering their growth and confidence in education and beyond. We provide a supportive, inclusive environment where students can develop essential life skills, to enable them to make positive life choices post sixteen. 

Our values


The school is dedicated to nurturing and supporting the most vulnerable young women in the local community. The school provides holistic wrap around care in a safe  and calm environment. With a focus on nurturing individual strengths and talents, The Young Women's Hub offers a unique educational experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. Our wraparound support services aim to address the diverse needs of our students, helping them grow into confident and successful young women.


We aim to inspire and motivate young women to thrive and reach their full potential. Our school is dedicated to providing a professional and supportive environment for vulnerable young women to support them in becoming resilient ,confident and successful women of the future.


Our school aim is to educate and inspire young women to learn and grow through  a mix of vocational and formal educational options. Our school provides a supportive environment for young women to explore their passions, and develop their skills though discovery and growth. The school believes in empowering young women to reach their full potential and prepare them for a successful future. 

Celebrating diversity

Our mission is to champion diversity, empower young women, and help them overcome oppression and challenges. We create a supportive, inclusive environment where every young woman can thrive and reach her full potential. Education and mentorship are powerful tools to navigate the complexities of the world.

Striving for excellence
Our young women deserve the  best academic and personal support. As a school we look for ways to develop and improve our services though engaging with external providers and actively involve the students in this process.

Developing partnerships
We actively seek out opportunities to work in collaboration with relevant organisations and agencies to create better life outcomes for young women.

Leadership team

Philippa Wall
Head of School/Proprietor & Safeguarding Lead

Chloe Scott
Deputy Head of School and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Emma Quartey
Head of teaching/learning and SENCO

Trustee Board
Emma Moore – Chair (Safeguarding Lead)
Hayleigh Senior – Trustee (Education Sub Group)
Carol Mullings – Trustee (Education Sub group)
Charlotte Bright – Trustee (Fundraising)

Daniel Ratchford- Trustee Treasurer
Holly Fisher-Friend of YWH

Chrene Henry-Friend of YWH